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MTS Departments
MTS Departments

The Central Department for planning Affairs

  • Sets the draft investment plan of the M.T.S. within the frame of the five-year and annual plans for the Government in the light of the country's general policy.
  • Carries out studies and researches in the Maritime Transport fields to achieve the required goal which is increasing the M.T.S. activities to serve Egypt's foreign trade in the light of the goals put by the government as well as to consider internal and external financing resources, commerical agreement, loans, aids and different facilities, in addition to required statistics and data for the sector and other sectors.

The Central Department for Planning Affairs Consists of:

1- The general Department for Planning and follow-up which includes:

The planning Department which is responsible for:

  • Setting draft investment and production plans for the M.T.S. units according to the Finance and Planning Minisries' instructions and in the light of the M.T.S policy on different activities concerning the annual and five-year plans.
  • Gathering planning budgets projects of the M.T.S.
  • Discussing the investment plan projects with the Finance and Planning Ministries in order to adopt them.
  • Considering local and foreign funds required to finance the plan in Cooperation with Finance and Planning Ministries.
  • Making the annual report on Performance appraisal of the M.T.S.
  • Carrying out economic and technical studies on new adopted projects of the plan.
  • Coordinating the needs of the sector and different Country bodies for Ports and shipping Services in order to satisfy these needs to face the increasing requirement in the foreign trade volume.

The Follow-up Section which is responsible for:

  • Following up on the implementation of annual investment and production plans which is carried out by the Sector and setting the relevant regulatory rules and bases.
  • Identifying implementation problems and difficulties, facing them, presenting the relevant proposals to resolve them, and suggesting programmes for development and amendment based upon these proposals.
  • Receiving financial technical reports from the sector's bodies, gathering and analyzing data, comparing the results with the standard plans using the follow-up forms, making periodical and annual reports and sending them to the relevant authorities.
  • Designing follow-up forms and completing them from the relevant records kept for this purpose in the sector.
  • The periodical evaluation of projects and programmes implemented by the sector to identify their status concerning investment and production plans implementation.

2- The General Department for Researches and Projects:

The Researches and Projects Department which is responsible for:

  • Participation in conducting studies and researches related to establishing and developing ports, protecting shores, and considering the best methods for conducting scientific, practical, and applied researches.
  • Participation in conducting studies and researches on developing and promoting maritime transport and shipping activities.
  • Participation in conducting studies and researches on identifying fees, freights categories, and chartering vessels fees.
  • Studying projects of establishing joint companies and identifying the best and most suitable conditions.
  • Studying recent developments in ships industry and means of shipping cargo and passengers by sea and possibility of making use of them locally.
  • Studying the presented projects to develop and widen Egyptian ports within the framework of the general policy of MTS in the light of the foreign trade volume.

3- The General Department for Financing and Arab and Foreign Investments:

  • Studies the most suitable means for financing the implementation of the investment plan of the MTS and suggests available financing means.
  • Carries out studies on the best use of Arab and foreign capital in maritime transport fields in A.R.E.
  • Carries out studies on trade agreements with friend countries to include them in the MTS fund by coordinating with Foreign and Economy Ministries.
  • Sets policies for accomplishing loans, facilities, and agreements available for the sector to make use of them.
  • Follows up on taking due shares of loans, facilities, and agreements available for the Sector by coordination between the State's agencies and the Central Bank in order to make payments on due time.
  • Carries out studies related to international and local shipping chambers in order to coordinate between them.