Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next Sohail (El-Zabrah) Start 20 September - Duration 13 day ، Summer
  • Mediterranean Sea Next El-Salib Winds Start 30 September - Duration 3 days ، Mostly rainy
External Relations
External Relations

Regional Organizations and Seafarers Clubs

Regional Organizations

The Association of the Northern African Ports Administrations:

  • A regional organization with an economic aspect established following the initiative of the UN economic committee for the African region with 7 countries under its supervision.
  • The Association Rules of Procedures was endorsed during the institutional session held in 1974 in Alexandria . The achievement of the Association and the work programs: Studies - Seminars - Ports twinning - workshops. The Association participated with the Association of Central and Western Ports Administrations and The Association of Eastern and Western Ports Administrations in the establishment of the Pan African Association for Ports Cooperation.
  • Under the auspices of the above mentioned Association, the Pan African Ports Conference is organized. The latest was held in Alexandria in December 2004. (The 4th pan African Ports Conference).

The Arab Seaports Union

  • The Union was established in 1976. Its permanent headquarters is in Alexandria (General Secretariat).
  • The Union is one of the specialized Arab Unions operating under the umbrella of the Economic Union Council affiliated to the Arab League.
  • The union holds two annual periodical meetings for its board of directors in one of the Arab countries organizing it.
  • The Union aims to establish Regional Cooperation Institutions to develop joint policies and objectives to the member countries as well as international mergers including port authorities and companies related to the ports field of work through the information and data exchange. Moreover, some large companies build new ports in some countries for the purpose of long-term investment to achieve the following:

    (A) The interlacement of maritime and trade lines. 
    (B) The consolidation of relations between the Private and Public Sector for building and developing ports. 
    (C) The facilitation of maritime transport operations.

MOU on Eastern and Southern Mediterranean Port State Control

In the framework of the increasing need for the achievement of maritime safety and the protection of marine environment, Conventions and amendments thereon were issued in order to cope with the world technological development. In view of the fact that some countries encounter difficulties in applying these agreements and in order to ensure the effective implementation mechanism, it was agreed on the necessity of organizing the rights and commitments of the Port State in controlling the compliance of foreign vessels calling at their ports according to the requirements of the applicable international agreements. Vessels with deficiencies found will be detained and substandard vessels will be forbidden from international navigation. Thus, the countries of the world were geographically classified and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the countries situated in the same geographical scope. A MOU was signed in Malta in 1997 (11 countries) The Secretariat of the MOU is in Alexandria , its data base in Casablanca and Egypt pays its annual participation fees:10 million$/year.

The Regional Center for the Prevention of the Mediterranean Pollution (REMPEC)

  • It is considered a regional center for the prevention of the Mediterranean pollution - Malta.
  • The number of the member countries is about 20 countries. REMPEC holds its regular meeting every two years.

The activities of REMPEC aim to the following:

  • Implement the agreement on the Protection of Marine Environment from pollution resulting from vessels and marine sources.
  • Develop Euro Mediterranean Cooperation projects, economic and technical feasibility studies to establish, undertake and update reception facilities.
  • Consider the financing system covering the operation of reception facilities and investment expenses.
  • Reduce the pollution of the Mediterranean resulting from vessels.
  • Identify the appropriate means for processing the liquid and solid wastes and their disposal.
  • Organize technical meetings for providing the technical consultation.

* REMPEC established a data bank and developed a strategy for pollution prevention. IMO assigns the Center with some works, researches and studies in view of the efficient role that it plays.

The Regional Center for Preventing the Pollution in Red Sea

The Regional Center for Preventing the Pollution in Red Sea is located in Djeddah. Egypt is represented in the Center by the Environment Affairs Body. Till now, the Center didn't achieve a significant progress in its works and it needs further development in its activities and the technical assistance it provide.

International Seafarers Clubs

According to the International Agreement no. 163 and the international recommendation concerning the welfare of seafarers in the Mediterranean and in port; the Minister of Transport issued, in 11/6/2003 , the rules of application of the Ministerial Decree no. 180 for 2003 on the establishment, development and supervision on international seafarers clubs in the Egyptian sea ports. The 4th item identifies the role of MTS and Egyptian ports Authorities in the establishment and development of Seafarers Clubs.

IMO Secretary-General

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