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Activating international agreements and strengthening ties

    On international level with:

1-        International Maritime organization (IMO)

IMO is one of the specialized agencies affiliated to the United Nations in the field of maritime transport and its headquarters is UN – London and includes 174 country members.  Egypt is considered first of Arab countries to join in 1958. And since joining, Egypt was keen to participate actively in all organization’s specialized main and sub committees reaching in number 5 main committees and 7 sub committees besides the organization’s council and general assembly.  Egypt was a member in the organization council from 1977 till 2012, but due to the transition period it passed through along 3 years it lost its seat from 2013 till 2014, yet MTS was keen to attend the council’s meeting as supervisor until it was capable of retrieving its seat. Moreover, Egypt was re-elected in 2016-2018. There is close coordination between foreign ministry and Egypt embassy in London and all concerned bodies to be re-elected in 2019.

  Also the sector undergoes a study to join international conventions and agreements, issued by the IMO, with concerned bodies in Egypt and coordinating with foreign ministry to undertake ratification procedures also publishing all decrees and guiding lines issued by the organization, and Egypt is joining 38 agreement and protocol. 


2- European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).

 European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) is considered one of the non-central organizations of European Union in the field of maritime transport and its headquarters is at Portugal where it provides with technical support for the European commission and country members at European Union for developing and applying European Union legislations in the field of maritime safety, maritime pollution combating and maritime security. It also participates in supporting contiguous countries, amongst which Egypt, in maritime administration’ officials training, Egypt is also keen to attend training courses and symposiums of the Agency to benefit from in raising efficiency of human element and exchanging technical experiences.    


3- Regional center for Mediterranean maritime pollution emergency cases(REMPEC)

  (REMPEC) is one of regional activity centers for Mediterranean work plan (UNEP/MAP) under the auspices of international maritime organization (IMO) and was founded in the year 1976 and hosted by Malta government. The center helps coastal countries on the Mediterranean in implementing international maritime agreements related to combating maritime pollution and readiness to combat any of pollution cases resulting from vessels. Also the center apply many of activities within the framework of projects and programs financed from abroad such as Safe MedII project financed by European Union  and international ballast water project (GEF/UNDP/IMO).


International Labor Organization (ILO).

  ILO gives great concern to seas where the organization prepares one international convention that include several conventions embodying  to a great extent all updated criteria in conventions and recommendations  concerning international maritime labor under the title” Maritime Labor Convention 2006MLC” , this is due to the international nature of maritime transport industry and the need of seas to a special protection.

 And due to keenness of maritime transport sector; giving great concern to maritime labor it was approved to join such convention by maritime transport authorities, The Ministry of Manpower is acting as the focal point With international labor organizations to proceed with accession procedures after harmonizing all national laws to comply with the provisions of the Convention.





 On regional level  

 Transport ministry (Maritime transport sector) seeks to support foreign relations on regional level through permanent existence and exchange of opinion in subjects debated at meetings held by regional unions and organizations 

-  Arab League and its affiliated committees

-   East and South Africa countries (COMESA)

-   African union commission

-  Arab Maritime Ports Union

-  North Africa Ports Union

-   Arab Navigation chambers Union 

-   Economic and Social Committee of West Asia

-   Red Sea organization for pollution combating. 

-  Regional center for pollution combating at Mediterranean (REMPEC)

-  Tourist ports organization (MED CRUISE)

-  Port State Control memorandum of understanding for south and east      Mediterranean

-  European Union commission

-  Mediterranean Union

-  Euro Mediterranean corporation. 

IMO Secretary-General

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