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Re-qualifying maritime human cadres

 This in accordance with international standards for qualifying and training (STCW)

1-Activating supervisory role of Maritime Safety authority in qualifying seafarers; guaranteeing seriousness of such training and qualification

2- Issuing maritime legislations that cope with international agreements.

3- Giving more concern for training, especially practical, with provision of modern vessels; in cooperation with international financing enterprises and international technical support programs in such field

4- Studying activating a seafarers’ syndicate to preserve their rights and for marketing and managing maritime laborers on local and international levels.

5- Announcement of a corporation for maritime catastrophes for Egyptians working on Egyptian and foreign vessels to get indemnities for them and their families. 

6- Sector’s role in qualifying and training maritime labor 

  Maritime labor is an important effective element in maritime transport industry, and investment of such labor will reflect on the State and all those in charge, hence, it should have special concern to cope with difficulty of maritime work and to increase awareness of this important element within international agreements and conventions framework. 


Maritime labor convention 2006  


  Since many international conventions concerning maritime laborers and that are issued by ILO did not enter into force, in addition to difference in way of implementation from one country to another, therefore the organization  has compiled conventions in one international document  including  decrees and regulations and way of implementation and new convention was confirmed  entitled as ”Maritime labor convention 2006” and it includes ( general rules, regulations and code and all concerning seafarers’ living and working circumstances.

   Maritime transport sector has studied joining maritime labor convention 2006 in the attendance of representatives of maritime labor concerned bodies and ended by approving in principle to join; noting that most related valid Egyptian legislations coincide with the convention regulations.  

  Labor ministry has been addressed by importance of taking rapid procedures for the convention ratification by coordinating with ministry of foreign affairs to avoid Egyptian vessels’ retention at ports of countries joining the agreement once calling at them, besides seafarers guarantee to obtain their rights as the convention states. 

 MTS is also keen to attend meetings held by ILO to be updated with latest implementation status and any renewables in this concern. 

IMO Secretary-General

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