Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next Sohail (El-Zabrah) Start 20 September - Duration 13 day ، Summer
  • Mediterranean Sea Next El-Salib Winds Start 30 September - Duration 3 days ، Mostly rainy

Egyptian ports development

Maritime transport sector undergoes the role of supervision on setting Egyptian maritime ports development plans and follow up of actual application of such plans fulfilling the following:

1- Raising efficiency of service provided for vessels and handled cargos.

2- Increasing storage capacity, expansion in dry ports usage and establishing logistic centers.

3- Usage of information technology, communication and data exchange between clients and this through:

  -  Depending on electronic exchange of documents instead of manual.

  -  Usage of electronic controlling systems and administration for cargo and vessels’ traffic, gates and water surfaces. 

  -  Depending on getting periodical reports from data centers (D.C) and declaring and analyzing them by using        graphs and slopes; facilitating keeping high performance rates. 

  -  Electronic control over imported and exported cargo traffic with the existence of data base that enables immediate follow up of such traffic

4- Applying the international code of vessels and ports’ security ISPS- code.

5- Studying new logistic regions inside and outside ports. 

IMO Secretary-General

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