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About Maritime Transport Sector
About Maritime Transport Sector

Main Tasks

The Presidential Decree No.57 for 2002 was Issued for The Organization of The Ministry of Transport and Specified Among Its Objectives The Following

  • Developing the maritime transport facilities in order to cope with the world development in the field of maritime transport industry.
  • Developing the necessary plans for organizing the work process and achieving the optimal level of efficiency in order to serve the national economy.
  • Ensuring the territorial waters safety and providing the labor capable of coping with the scientific and technological development in the field of maritime transport industry.

The competencies of the Ministry of Transport specified by the above mentioned decree are as follows:

  • Developing a plan for raising the efficiency of the maritime transport facilities in order to cope with the world developments in the framework of the economic and social development plan of the country.
  • Developing the general policy for establishing and developing ports and lighthouses in order to raise their efficiency to face the world trade volume and coordinating between the port authorities.
  • Providing the navigational aids in the territorial waters in order to ensure the safety of navigation.
  • Supervising and controlling the implementation of the safety plans of the maritime transport units, fixed and mobile installations as well as all the equipments relevant to the maritime transport activity in cooperation with the competent bodies of the country.

The Maritime Transport Sector Headquarters Section is responsible for the following:

  • Supervision of the main executive activities in the Maritime Transport Sector Headquarters.
  • Supervision of the implementation of general plans and polices of the Ministry concerning the Maritime Transport Sector (MTS).
  • Adoption of executive plans and work programmes of all the Sector and its affiliated units' activities on behalf of the Head of MTS.
  • Performance of actions authorized by the Head of MTS.
  • Contacting different agencies which are affiliates of the sector and coordinating with them to ensure satisfactory and regular work progress and improvement in performance rates.
  • Contacting different foreign bodies to represent the sector in international conferences and conventions in various maritime transport fields develop the MTS.

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