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The consideration of the development of the national merchant fleet in the light of the technological development of maritime transport industry and maritime trade services in the international transport system (November 2000)

The entity that carried out the study:

Maritime Research and Consultations Center affiliated to Maritime Transport Sector – Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

Objective of the Study

Determination of the necessary means to develop the National Maritime Merchant Fleet


• The national merchant fleet includes only one container vessel.

• The average vessels' age in the national merchant fleet is very divergent: the age of 99 vessels representing 53.49% exceeds 20 years old, the age of  28 vessels representing 21.17% ranges from 15-20 years old - which means that a total of 75.2% of the Egyptian national merchant fleet vessels have exceeded 15 years old.

• The number of Egyptian merchant fleet vessels whose age is less than 10 years old is 18 vessels representing 13.95%.

• The charges imposed by port authorities on vessels that entering the Egyptian shipyards for repair lead to the increase of repair costs.


• Increasing the participation share of the Egyptian merchant fleet units in the transport of the Egyptian foreign trade

•The national fleet must comply with the requirements of international standards for safety management.

•The adoption of untraditional methods in financing such as operational chartering.

•The establishment of national joint-stock companies with the participation of banks, institutions and businessmen.