Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea El-Wasm (El-Awaa) Start 16 October - Duration 13 day ، Autumn
  • Mediterranean Sea Next El-Saliba Winds Start 20 October - Duration 3 days ، Mostly` without rains
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Conditions and regulations

Welcome to our site on the internet , if your continue skimming through our pages of our electronic site then you approve to follow conditions and regulations of usage and you will be committed to them nevertheless,   in accordance with our privacy policy regulating the maritime transport sector with regards to this internet site.


Usage of our internet site is submitted to the following conditions:

1- content of our pages on the internet site is for your own general knowledge and your own general usage and such contents are submitted to any change without giving you any note.

2- We do not offer, neither do any other third party, any promise or guarantee to the accuracy of the provided information or any material included in the site or presented on it, nor with its accomplishment, performance, effectiveness and  compliance with or for the sake of any purpose.

3- Your usage of any information ,materials or subjects on the site is on your own responsibility: with no responsibility on us  as the responsibility lies on you only to make sure of any products, services or any provided information or data through the site that meet your need and comply with your requirements.

4-the internet site includes subjects or materials owned by us where we have license for its usage. Amongst Such materials: design and planning, general outlook and drawings, where it is prohibited to reproduce them unless by sending a Note to Ownership Rights and which constitutes a part and parcel of such conditions and regulations. 

5- All trademarks which have been reproduced on the site and which are not owned by us or which we do not have their license have been noted for on the internet site.

6- Any usage of unlicensed site will lead to compensation claims for any harms or sanctions.

7- From one time to another the site might have Links with other internet sites , this for the sake of your comfort and to facilitate providing you with additional information or data. On the other hand the existence of such links does not mean that we make friendships on such site or others. Moreover we do not have e any responsibility of the content of the linked sites.

8- You are not allowed to make Links for any of the site’s parts concerning statistics, periodicals- with any other site or from any document without a previous written consent from the maritime transport sector  . 

Privacy policy:

The privacy policy and conditions declared below are considered part of the Maritime Transport Sector site usage conditions.  However, the site does not compile your personal information when you join and visit the site unless you have chosen by yourself providing us this information, we do not use it in any way unless to fulfill your claim of getting information or services and once you use our site this implies that you have rendered us your consent on such privacy policy conditions. Maritime transport sector has the right to make any fundamental or slight modification to such conditions every now and then without notification. If you want to continue using our site after inserting the modifications, this does not mean that you have accepted them.  The site also follows a comprehensive strict policy for securing information.  And it only needs the concerned officials to reach the identified personal information, where they have committed to keep confidential. However the Sector has the right to take any measures it sees appropriate for securing any loss, misuse or change of information existing on the maritime electronic site,  this without the sector ‘s guarantee of the contents confidentiality. Moreover, the Sector is not legally responsible for any harm that might confront you or others as a result of this confidentiality violation neither is it responsible of any compensation. The site is also implementing accurate procedures to secure the loss, misusage or change in information, yet it does not guarantee confidentiality of your own usage and it is not responsible of any harm you or others might be exposed to as a result of confidentiality violation and here Arab Republic of Egypt laws are the only applicable for any disputes resulting from the electronic site usage and exclusively A. R.E courts are the ones concerned.      

IMO Secretary-General

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