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Mameesh announces joining of oil services vessel ” Aman” to SC fleet.

  Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh announces joining of oil services vessel ” Aman” to Suez Canal authority  fleet, and that is owned to SC Co. for maritime services; the company affiliated to the authority  with  joint activity with ElTemsah Co. for shipbuilding and ElCanal Co. for mooring and vessels lights  

 Mameesh has assured that joining of the vessel to SC authority fleet aims mainly to open new horizons in the field of oil and gas platforms services in accordance with the state’s ambitious plan to convert to a regional center for energy.  Pointing also to the authority’s strategy in expanding in the field of owning and hiring vessels which has actually started by owning of “Ahmed Fadel” vessel and which currently works at Zohr field to meet the increasing needs for such type of specialized service vessels to work in petroleum and gas fields nevertheless after latest discovery of gas fields making of Egypt one of the first countries in producing gas.  

 Aman is considered biggest multipurpose and supply unit in the Middle East working by DP2 system; with a specific way at sea with no need for anchorage.

  The vessel has been built at Chinese shipyard by FSES, one of the biggest Chinese companies working in shipbuilding field; it was built in accordance with ABS specifications and was submitted to international technical specifications and American supervision authority.

 The vessel is of length 85m, width 22m and of tonnage 4952ton and is equipped by a main crane of tonnage 80ton. The vessel is also distinguished by its ability to maneuver, rapid reaction and working at Mediterranean and Red Sea water and is accommodated for 150person with a meeting room for maritime projects management.   

 It is also equipped for giant helicopters landing, of super jumbo type, and for lifting submarines under sea level of depth 3000m remotely controlled  and fitted with a diving  outlet  on main surface to permit for landing of divers and equipment.   

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