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Suez Canal at head of 5 economic authorities gaining profit in new fiscal year

  Total economic authorities profit ;of the budget draft 2018/2019 has reached about 100 milliard, 4 million and 803 thousand pound against 83millard, 141million, 459 thousand pound for the year 2017/2018  registered by an increase of 16 milliard, 863 million, 344 thousand pounds.  

 Suez Canal authority has registered  highest profit  in budget draft 2018/2019 with an amount of 45 milliard, 943 million, 377 thousand pound against 4 milliard,665 million, 579 thousand pound for current year with an increase 5 milliard, 277 million, 798 thousand pound.

 Worth noting that profit of Alex port authority is 109 milliard pounds and expected that it will achieve profit of milliard, 950 million pound by coming fiscal year against 213 million, 231thousand pound this year 2017/2018, whereas Suez Canal Economic region comes fifth in ranking in list of economic authorities of high profit with about milliard, 522 million, 800 thousand pounds against one milliard, 271million, 116 thousand pound in current fiscal year.    

IMO Secretary-General

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