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MTS Departments
MTS Departments

The General Department for Legal Affairs

This is the department responsible for giving opinion and consultation to all affiliated bodies and to the Maritime Transport Sector departments concerning the correctness of implementing systems, regulations and instructions. This department is affiliated directly to the head of maritime transport sector.

The General Department for Legal Affairs is responsible for:

  • Taking all necessary actions concerning lawsuits bringing by or against the Maritime Transport Sector, preparing memorandums sustained by legal instruments, as well as following up judgments and their implementation.
  • Carrying out legal researches, giving advisory opinions and clarifications, flowing up development in the field of legal affairs, new judgments and rules.
  • Taking legal actions on expenses, arrests, warnings, concessions and reconciliations.
  • Concluding contracts between the Maritime Transport Sector and other contractors, considering problems and executive difficult, find related solutions, preparing necessary memorandums for concerned disputes.
  • Participating in the conclusion of protocols and treaties in which the Maritime Transport Sector is a party.
  • Investigating financial and administrative contraventions for the Maritime Transport Sector, notifying administrative prosecution and public prosecution in this respect, also considering their reports and preparing related legal memorandums.
  • Consulting the state council on legal issues.
  • Preparing draft laws, decrees and resolutions.
  • Receiving accidents notifications occurred against the Maritime Transport Sector properties, following up the collection owing lump-sum.

Organizational division of the General Administration for Legal Affairs:

  • Department of advice and contracts.
  • Department of lawsuits.
  • Department of investigations.

The department of advice and contracts is responsible for:

  • Giving advice in legal problems, preparing advisory opinion, legal researches.
  • Considering regulations and instructions concerning the Maritime Transport Sector activities, and issuing related explanations.
  • Preparing and concluding contracts and treaties in which the Maritime Transport Sector is a party to be liable for all its rights.
  • Preparing bids and tenders conditions.
  • Following up and registering contracts concluded with concerned entities.
  • Participating in committees related to purchases, sales and auctions.
  • Preparing legal memorandums to be submitted to His Excellency/ the Egyptian Minster of Transport or to the concerned technical committees.
  • Providing Data Bank with all laws and resolutions to be included into Data Bank database.

The Department of lawsuits is responsible for:

  • Undertaking lawsuits in which the Maritime Transport Sector is a party, including preparing documents and memorandums, as well as following up sessions.
  • Considering judgments in which the Maritime Transport Sector is a party, following up related appeals.
  • Following up the implementation of judgments issued in the benefit of the Maritime Transport Sector.
  • Taking legal actions to claim the Maritime Transport Sector rights by civil means or the initial procedures stated for before referring to courts.
  • Being in connection with concerning authorities and representing the Maritime Transport Sector to find solutions for legal problems.
  • Following files, records and agendas related to all lawsuits.

The Department of investigations is responsible for:

  • Investigating administrative, financial and technical contraventions and preparing related legal memorandums.
  • Following up investigations made by administrative prosecution and public prosecution or any other entity with the Maritime Transport Sector personnel and taking necessary actions.
  • Notifying police, prosecution and the central institution for accounting with occurred infractions.
  • Undertaking investigations assigned by administrative prosecution and public prosecution on infractions occurred by the authorities affiliated to the Ministry of Transport.