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Mameesh: great German investments at economic Region ports

Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Suez Canal Economic Region has announced that a big delegation of German investors and businessmen will visit Cairo at the beginning of next October to accomplish what have been agreed upon during Mameesh visit to Germany

  The authority in a statement said that the visit to Munich was fruitful where Mameesh has met with officials  of German ’ Power” company  working in the field of hydrochloric energy  and importing  Suez Canal pumps, also agreeing to establish a new branch for it  inside Economic region  within the framework of  increasing its investments  and broadening its works in Egypt.

 He added that it has also been agreed upon with Siemens co. to establish a training center with international specifications to train and qualify technical laborers for work market requirements especially in projects and giant industries in the region expressing his rejoice  for Economic region delegation success in debating with German side  who showed their desire in establishing  German investments  and participating in national projects  in Egypt specially in industrial and logistic zones  in the region.

   Mameesh has declared that they have also agreed upon with great German maritime shipyards working in the field of manufacturing, building and maintain9ing vessels: where a delegation from the German company will visit the shipyard within few days to hold meetings concerning developing Port Said and Adabeyia shipyards and visiting the working sites.

 Mamessh has also assured success of the delegation in undergoing bilateral meetings with the German side which reflect to a great extent and positively on Egypt and raising classification of the economic region specially.  

  Mameesh and his accompanied delegation also meet with German companies’ representatives working in several fields first of which are cars’ industries and 90 businessmen have shown interest to pump investments in Suez Canal region

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