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MTS Departments
MTS Departments

The Central Administration for Secretariat-General Affairs

  • Implementing the laws, decisions and special regulations of financial, administrative and personnel affairs and also its amended decisions in the maritime transport sector.
  • Setting a plan to provide the needs of the maritime transport sector of workforce and in the light of the country's general policy.
  • Preparing the sector's general budget and following-up its implementation.
  • Performing all financial and administrative works in the maritime transport sector.
  • Preparing the nominations of high administration affiliated to the ministry, upon its demand, accompanied by the opinion to be presented before the head of maritime transport sector and implement the procedures of employing and promoting for the high administration professions.
  • Collecting detailed data of the occupiers of the first degree and up in the Maritime Transport Sector and necessary data about workforce, categorize and analyze them for the purpose of planning workforce in the sector.
  • Applying financial regulation and responding to the conflicts of the central accounting system.
  • Preparing the projects of the special decisions of employment and granting raises, promotions, vacations and punishments…etc, for the employees in the maritime transport sector for occupiers of high administration professions.
  • Supervising all administrative services works, telex, telephone, photocopying and printing works, operating vehicles, permanent and consumed custodies, and maintenance works.
  • Supervising editorial, general secretarial, archive, mail, accrediting administrative certificates and authorizations for traveling abroad works.
  • Setting regulations and systems relating to the incentives and work nature allowance, additional wages and rewards for the employees in the maritime transport sector.
  • Setting special systems for timekeeping of employees in the general department of the maritime transport sector.
  • Supervising the internal and external general appearance of the sector's building as to be at a convenient appearance.
  • Encouraging employees to form social liability associations or boxes in various fields, paying the initiatives of the employees in establishing these boxes and associations, supporting their activities and organizing the cooperation with them.
  • Working on strengthening and supporting family bonds among employees in the maritime transport sector and supervising social services.

The Central Administration for Secretariat-General Affairs consists of the following regulatory divisions:

The General Administration for Financial and Administrative Affairs and affiliated to it we find:-

1- The Financial Affairs Administration, which consists of:

  • Accounting Department.
  • Budget Department.
  • Purchases and Warehouses Department.
  • Treasury Department.

2- Personnel Affairs Administration.

3- Administrative Affairs Administration, which consists of:

  • Administrative Services Department.
  • Internal Services Department.
  • Main Office Affairs Department.
  • Employees' Care Department.

4- Controlling the Inventory Department.

5- Secretariat Unit.