Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Petroleum Ports
Petroleum Ports

Ras Shukeir

Petroleum Ports

Ras Shukeir

Time Zone GMT +2
Wave Code (VHF) 16



Long 33 o 17.1 \ E
Lat 28 o 08.3 \ N


Port Characteristics

Water Area 16 km2 (16000 m2)
Port Establishment Resolution 15 / 1976
Port Licensing Resolution 503 / 2002
Duration of the License 1/10/2002–30/9/2012
Port Activity Petroleum shipping and petroleum marine services.
Port Capacity (vessel) 2-3 carriers / month


Navigational Characteristics

The port can accommodate units with draught of 5 m, and petroleum services yachts. It is also used to supply marine unites with fuel.

The Berth is composed of two quays:

  • The first: is composed of 8 buoys for mooring and reception of tankers with the Capacity of 30,000 tons to 250,000 tons and a 22 m draught.
  • The second: is composed of 8 buoys for mooring and reception of tankers with the Capacity of 30,000 tons till 120,000 tons and a 22 m draught

Detailed Berth Information

There are 3 berths affiliated to Jabco Petroleum Co. (Berths receiving service vessels and supply crafts)


Berth name Length (m) depth (m)
North Berth 307 From 4.5 - 5 m
South Berth 190
West Berths 244


Services and Facilities of the Port


Reception and waste treatment unit - fresh water - electricity - sewage - fuel stations

Navigational aids

  • Ras Shukheir light house at the location (28° 8.3/ North, 33° 16.3 / East).
  • Green light at the edge of Northern Platform as well as Red light at the edge of Southern Platform to identify the port for entrance and exit of navigational units.
  • There is around red buoy outside the port at the left side of coming vessels at the port.
  • There are congruent navigational aids for entrance of the port. The front sign is a post and the back sign is old lighthouse.


Administration Petroleum General Egyptian Authority - gupco co.
Address Othman Abdel Hafez street - Cairo.
Telephone 02/7062349 - 7062337 - 7061999 - 0124508344
Fax 02/7061276 - 7065030