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Transport minister visits maritime Hurghada port

Transport minister visits maritime Hurghada port
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   Dr. Galal ElSaied, transport minister accompanied with admiral, Ahmed Abdalla, Red Sea governor, admiral Tarek Ghanim,  head of maritime transport sector and Hesham Abu Sennah, head of Red Sea ports authority visited Hurghada port ‘s arrival and departure halls. He assured on services provided to passengers and on ElKahera ferry working on Hurghada Daba’, Hurghada Jeddah line, and a swift ferry working on Hurghada Sharm Hurghada Jeddah line. Worth noting that development works at Hurghada have been accomplished to encompass a greater number of giant vessels and steamboats, where port’s total area after development has reached 44300m2 with an increase of 315% , now it encompasses 700thousand passenger annually instead of 250thousand . Also the establishment of a desalination terminal at Hurghada of 200 cubic meter /day, where area of berth region reached 11300m2 and trip tic region11300m2 , passengers’ terminal area 18100m2,. This in addition to different regions for services where the port is capable to receive 2 touristic vessels of length up to 240m each of capacity 1200tourist. The port’s berth length 360m and depth 10m with a comprehensive passengers’ terminal and a mall with investments 200million pound.  The mall has been hired on its allocated area of the administrative building that has been established amongst the port’s development plan of area 5050m to participate in tourists’ traffic and serving passengers at port and Hurghada residents where all Customs procedures have been executed.  

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