Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Salloum Start 2 March - Duration 2 days ، Rainy
  • Red Sea Next Scorpions (Saad El-Balaa) Start 23 February - Duration 13 day ، Cold

Arrival of 139tourist from different nationalities to Alex port:

 Reda ElGhandour, Alexandria port spokesman said that Alex port has received the tourist vessel “Island Sky” coming from ElSukhna port on board of which 139 tourist from different nationalities, pointing out that it is determined to go afterwards to Cyprus.

  ElGhandour has also stated in Press statements that all specialists in the port have provided tourists with all facilities since their arrival until departure from the port.  

  Admiral Medhat Attia head of port’s board of directors received the vessel, where he has given his instructions to coordinate  between concerned entities to facilitate entrance and departure of tourists safely and easily to and from the port.