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Red sea governor debates establishing a new branch for the maritime transport academy at Hurghada.

Admiral Ahmed Abdulla, Red Sea governor has met with Dr. Ismail Abd ElGhaffar,  head of AAST to present detailed overview for the academy branch that is to be established at Hurghada with a cost of about 200 million pounds and on an area of 72 thousand cubic meter. The new branch will include technical education institutes in the field of tourism, hotels and petroleum.  

 The governor has assured during his debate that the target is raising standard and efficiency of workers in villages and hotels to become professional thus limiting foreign labor.  Also stressing on the need for practical educational halls with a design for touristic chambers so that training will be on scientific practical basis. This branch besides its different departments undergoes training for workers in tourism on international basis and standards,  and training period will be predicted according to every field of specialization so that the trainee  will be granted an accredited international certificate.  

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