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Tay Yong: Korean investments in Egypt maritime transport sector and upgrading Alex port soon.

 Barak Tay Yang, vice South Korean ambassador at Cairo has announced that the coming period will witness cooperation in many fields between Cairo and Sol the Capital in the field of electric energy and education.

 He also pointed out that Korean companies have special concern to invest in maritime transport sector in Egypt and will participate in upgrading Alexandria port  so as to cope with modern  international system, these companies will participate in establishing industries for vessels’ building and  Egyptian engineers’ training to design quays in accordance with international standards.   

  Yong has also added that the Korean side gives great concern to investment in the field of roads, bridges tunnels, railways, Egyptian ports and maritime transport sector plans.

  Moreover, he assured that many of the Korean delegations have visited ElSukhna port and Alexandria port authority to discuss joint investment and cooperation opportunities in the future in maritime transport sector in Egypt.  

 He has also declared that Korea will establish an electricity-generating terminal in Egypt, yet its capacity not decided, praising available investment opportunities in Egypt specially in logistics sector in new Suez Canal and Suez Canal development corridor which the Korean side showed interest to participate in and announced so.  This in addition to investment in  the education sector and debating the establishment of a Korean university in Egypt  benefitting from experiences in education field besides debating means of increasing  trade exchange volume between Egypt and south Korea where it has reached 2.5milliard dollars in the year 2015.

  Yang has also added that president SiSi , during his visit to Korea has met with many  Korean companies representatives and has invited them for investment in Egypt and visiting it to get acquainted with available opportunities  especially that Korean companies have an international reputation.