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ABCC debates foundation of two projects in the field of maritime transport

Concerning Arab South American Summit meeting that is to be held in Cairo on 13, 14 April, Arab Brazilian Commercial Chamber ABCC stated that government officials and businessmen from states members will debate foundation of two joint projects in the field of maritime transport and logistics services.

 Dr. Michel Halaby, general secretariat and executive head of ABCC  stated since many of the international trade depends upon  maritime transport, thus there is an increasing importance for the existence of joint maritime transport companies  between Arab countries and Southern American countries. This for the sake of reinforcing current commercial relationships between both sides and raising standards of development and modernization

 He also added that export and import activities will witness quick improvement whereas similar costs will decrease to a great extent.  It will also give new profitable opportunities in front of Arab and South American companies.

 A study issued by “IILos” one of logistics services companies, has shown that there are about 60.15 million ton from the trade volume between Arab countries  and South American countries  that have been loaded from South America to the Arab world.   Exports are mainly crude iron, corn, sugar, soya, wheat, beef, soya beans, Aluminum oxide, rice, fruit and wood.

    Brazil and Argentina are considered most outstanding exporters and importers of commodities to and from Arab countries in Southern America  


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