Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Holding joint Egyptian/Tunisian navigational committee seventh session.

  Within the framework of supporting kinship between governments of Egypt and Tunisia and implementing maritime transport convention between the two countries signed on 8/12/1989 and in accordance with article 21 of the convention, the seventh session of Egyptian/Tunisian navigational committee has been held at maritime transport sector headquarters at Alexandria on 29/3/2016.

  It was headed by admiral Tarek Ghanim, head of the sector and Mr. Shoukry El Emairy Sousa port manager and Mr. Habeeb Karim head of Tunisian navigational company to debate over the following articles

1-    -Reviewing articles of maritime transport agreement between the two sides  and searching means of activation

2-    - Debating probability of a regular navigational line between ports of Alexandria and Safakes

3-    -Debating activation of  memorandum of understanding  between the two ports  signed on 14/3/2002

4-     -Discussing means of cooperation in the field of maritime training field

5-    -Debating over means of exchanging experts in the field of ports management field

This in accordance with transport minister instructions accelerating investment and giving concern to maritime transport sector being a promising sector