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ElSaied claims quick accomplishment of maritime transport sector projects

 Dr. Galal ElSaied, transport minister held a meeting Sunday with a number of maritime transport officials to debate over all maritime transport sector projects.

  The minister, in Press statements, said that maritime transport sector is confronting a great challenge to glorify and modernize its system which requires accurate follow up for all projects so that the sector will be capable of participating in increasing state’s resources and claiming all concerned  bodies with maximum discipline and follow up

 During the meeting, he has also stressed on several points including the current trend in managing the maritime transport sector file with giving priority to quick accomplishment of current projects and linking ports with railways and river transport. Also developing Alex port and accomplishment of bulk and cargo terminals projects, car garages, commitment to maximum security degrees, developing maritime inspection techniques of vessels and passengers’ ferries, supporting cooperation with Saudi ports on the Red Sea and encouraging investment in the field of container handling terminals.  

Ports’ chairmen have also reviewed activities, services performance rates, handled cargo and annual growth rate and trade traffic indicators for each port and most important ongoing projects and suggested projects for investment.

 Admiral Tarek Ghanim , head of maritime transport sector  has presented during the meeting a presentation of commercial and maritime ports, transport ministry tasks towards  ports and maritime transport sector policies. Also, developing transport industry which includes developing Egyptian ports, glorifying commercial fleet role, maritime human cadres rehabilitation according to international standards, issuing, amending and revising legislations regulating maritime transport and activating international conventions

 Admiral Khaled Zahran, head of maritime safety authority has also provided with a presentation concerning role, targets and activities in maritime Units’ field.  


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