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“Maritime transport and logistics” conference recommends converting to smart Ports:

  Maritime transport and logistics conference has ended its fifth session Tuesday; it was organized by AAST during the period from 13-15 March 20, 2016

 808 participants from 23 countries have participated in the conference in addition to 145 maritime transport concerned body, where they presented during the sessions 32 research paper throughout the three days. Moreover, there was an international exhibition for Egyptian and international companies in the field of ports’ services and maritime transport.

  Participants in the conference have recommended converting to smart ports which depends on operation efficiency, ideal usage of information and energy and improvement of competitive factors and environmental impacts.

  The conference has assured on coordinating efforts in order to reach with Arab ports becoming smart ports, this will not happen unless through cooperation bypassing boarders.     

 Participants have also recommended converting to alternative clean energy by government’s support of the ideal usage, especially in ports’ system and providing a legislative framework to support and encourage investment and finance logistic centers management. This in addition to preparing rehabilitation programs for ports’ laborers through continuous training. Moreover, the necessity of activating electronic information security  by activating electronic using GIS in managing and operating ports, expanding in modern technique usage, geographic IT and containers’ yards and activating pursue and follow up system for  containers, heavy transport, trailers  and river transport units using satellites and local communication network

 On his part, Dr. Ismail Abd ElGhaffar,  head of AAST has assured that “Marlog5” conference  is considered  one of the most important conferences  in the fields of maritime transport  and that all its recommendations will be taken into consideration  to be  actually implemented in all Arab and Egyptian ports for the achievement of a better maritime transport future. He also added in his word during the final session  that the AAST is preparing for “Marlog6” conference which is to be held next year,  where it handles important issues with the participation of Arab and foreign countries  and debates what have been achieved from last year conference recommendations.