Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next Scorpions (Saad El-Zabah) Start 10 February - Duration 13 day ، Cold
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Shams Al Sagherah Start 18 February - Duration 3 days ، Heavy rain

ElGuoshy: planning for the establishment of two new ports with investment trillion pounds within 14years

  Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister said that the ministry is planning for the establishment of two Egyptian ports during the coming period to enlarge and expand in maritime transport field and its development using distinguished services for the sake of citizens and businessmen.  

  ElGuoshy has also added during Marlog5 conference that maritime transport derives its experience from the world to fulfill achievements in the field of transport and developing roads, railways, bridges and metro lines, assuring that transport ministry has a development plan with trillion pounds within 14years time; a plan to be announced soon. He pointed out that the total investment in the new plan will depend upon 85% of the investments to be attractive for businessmen, assuring that the plan will not be attractive for investment lest there is a clear vision and an announced plan for all.  ElGuoshy has also declared that the issue of separating maritime transport from transport ministry to become a separate ministry is a very difficult matter now, but all what the ministry undergoes now is developing its different fields assuring that results will be obvious to citizens during the coming four years.