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Inauguration of Marlog5 conference for maritime transport and logistics Transport minister: maritime transport is the government priority.

Dr. Ismail Abd EGhaffar , head of AAST has inaugurated maritime transport and logistics international conference “Marlog5” in the attendance of Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister and Dr. Khaled Hanafy, catering supply minister  and a number of Arab ports’ officials.  

  Abd ElGhaffar said in his word that the conference is one of the most important Arab conferences in maritime transport industries and logistics being best of transport industries all over the world: in maritime transport industry development. Declaring that the academy debates in the conference topics that aim at developing industry and trying to solve its problems by stipulating laws so that the world will be converted from traditional transport to permanent development and environment protection. Adding that the academy has signed an MOU with IMO which provides with consultations and technical support for Arab countries  and the establishment of a regional center for investigating maritime casualties. He also added that Egyptian economy and what it currently passes through is in need of great support from all entities especially maritime transport sector.   ElGuoshy also has pointed out that the conference represents a creative cooperation between academic entities and opens different horizons for regional and international entities.  ElGuoshy also assured that the ministry is planning for the establishment of two Egyptian ports  during the coming period  to enlarge in the field of maritime transport and its development  through providing distinguished services to the citizens and businessmen; a plan for transport development  by trillion pounds in 14 years’ time, this in a plan to be soon announced.   Here he mentioned that total investment in the new plan will depend on 85% of the investment so as to be attractive for businessmen.  He also declared that it is very difficult currently to separate between transport ministry and maritime transport and that the project of the electric train would not be applicable because of high cost and that there is a plan for extending Abu Quir train line to reach America region, also developing main Alex roads such as Borg ElArab road. ElGuoshy Again pointed out that the ministry has a plan for combating corruption in its different associations. Moreover, supply ministry, as its minister declares, seeks the development of ports at smart road and provides a distinguished service for cargo transport from the ports to the markets using smart service for facilitation and provision of distinguished services for clients with low costs and high quality and increasing work opportunities.   Moreover, the academy will be one of the great universities supporting Egyptian ports providing developed services to lighten the burdens of stevedoring.  Finally head of the academy has honored Dr. Ismail the two ministers ElGuoshy and Hanafy  together with  a number of head and representatives of Arab ports  from Jordan, Lebanon, Dubai and KSA.