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“ElGuoshy “and “Badr” agree on common terminals for river bus and taxi

  Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister has agreed with Dr. Zaki Badr, local development minister for the use of river taxi in current terminals of the river Nile  affiliated to public transport authority and which is used by river bus only.

  This was announced by transport ministry spokesman, Ahmed Ibrahim.  Declaring that Badr approval makes the official operation of the taxi rapid and pointing out that head of both river transport and public transport authorities  will agree upon implementation mechanism  and the development of current terminals  so as to encompass both river bus and taxi.

  Worth noting that transport minister has inaugurated and made experimental operation for river taxi. Ibrahim has also pointed out that river taxi operation and its spread all over the republic comes within the framework of ElGuoshy vision to achieve utmost possible benefit of the Nile and investment in which whether in passengers’ or cargo transport, in order to solve the crisis of Egyptian traffic and lightening the burden on Egyptian roads.