Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Businessmen Association: amending decree 488 for maritime transport is a must

 Adel Ellamey, head of transport committee- Egyptian Businessmen Association assured that the ministerial decree number 488 is to be amended as it affects maritime transport sector. Adding that the private sector is to cooperate with the government to solve transport problems and trade problems.

He also pointed out that a decree has been issued for the constitution of a committee to facilitate transport but  not yet implemented  Adding that there is a plan for the development of Port Said port and another for the establishment of a salvage committee, which is to be activated to save vessels confronting drowning problems.

He added that there is a successful experience for the Indian government developing transport in cooperation with the private sector. Pointing out that businessmen are ready to participate with investments in the transport sector; inviting the Egyptian government to respond to maritime and river transport developing plans