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Transport minister witnesses signature of MOU between maritime transport sector and International Singapore ports

 Dr. Saad ElGuoshty, transport minister together with Tan Shong Ming, executive head of holding international Singapore ports have witnessed the signature of a memorandum of understanding between maritime transport sector and international Singapore ports. This for the increase of investment from Singapore side in developing, managing and operating Egyptian ports and transferring experience, knowledge and technology from international Singapore ports to Egyptian ports and training Egyptian cadres for work and competitiveness in this field especially ports of Alexandria and Damietta.

    Admiral Abd ElKader Darwish, head of maritime transport sector has signed on behalf of the Egyptian side and Mr. Tan Baioheen, first consultant of International Singapore ports group from the Singaporean side. The signature was attended by ambassador Mahmoud Allam, transport minister consultant for international cooperation and Mahmoud Gamal ElDeen, transport consultant for investment

  ElGuoshy said that signing of this MOU comes as a result of the president’s visit to Singapore and it aims at benefitting from Singapore experiences in the field of ports and finding ways of cooperation and available investment opportunities in Egyptian ports especially Alexandria and Damietta. Adding that also agreed upon is a joint work group between the two parties for debate and exchange of data concerning investment opportunities, pointing out that the government is giving great concern to developing state’s resources in the field of maritime transport sector.

 Mr. Ming expressed his gladness for the cooperation with Egyptian side to develop the Egyptian ports, assuring that successful experiences at Singapore ports will be transported to Egyptian ports and that growth opportunities in Egyptian economy are promising, especially in the fields of industrial structure and services which help in maritime transport sector growth and increasing Egyptian ports competitiveness.