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Transport minister: no decision will be taken in maritime transport industry without the employees’ participation.

Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister assured on the importance of maritime transport as Egypt possesses an important location on both Mediterranean and Red Sea and a number of distinguished ports incomparable all over the world.  Pointing out that up till now, none has been made use of as required. He adds that he welcomes any solutions out of the box and any new investments in this promising sector.

 He also said during his meeting with members of navigational chambers that he is ready to seek any investment opportunity that adds to national outcome, and that the country is to provide with suitable investment atmosphere and to overcome any obstacles that confront investors.   

 ElGuoshy has also added that any decision concerning maritime transport industry will not be taken without planning and employees’ participation. And added that the transport ministry is concerned with developing infra- structure that serves seaports such as roads, railways and metro, adding that he will not hesitate taking any decision that participates in developing transport industry in general and maritime transport specifically and that he will not delay any law that hinders investment.  

 ElGuoshy has also expressed his believe in the importance of the private sector  in developing hoping that its investments in transport industry  may reach 90% and the state’s role will be constricted to control, organization and supervision.