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With estimated value 700million dollar, transport minister witnesses the signature of an agreement with China for a multipurpose terminal project at Alex port

Transport Ministry site

 Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister has witnessed the signature of an agreement between Alexandria port general authority and the Chinese limited company for ports’ engineering “China Harbor” with the aim of establishing, managing and operating a multipurpose terminal at Alexandria port within the framework of Alex port general plan with an estimated value 700 million dollar.  

 ElGuoshy declared that this agreement comes within the framework of the strategy developing maritime transport and encouraging foreign investment to lighten the load on state’s budget. There is a comprehensive vision for the development of all Egyptian ports to increase transit and containers’ trade and linking them with railway lines and river transport to encourage cargo transport through the river Nile and the railway. Adding that Egypt enjoys a distinguished geographical site plus the presence of most important navigational channel in the world which is the Suez Canal and also 15 big port and 27small port making promising investment opportunities in the field of maritime transport. In addition, we are exerting efforts in transport ministry to accommodate suitable investment atmosphere and removing obstacles confronting Egyptian and Arab investors and foreigners.  

  On the other hand, Admiral Abd ElKader Darwish, head of Alexandria port authority assured that the agreement consists of a container terminal of capacity 780 thousand container annually and a river transport barges terminal “RoRo”, dry bulk terminal, general cargo terminal and trucks vessel terminal.  

  It also includes maritime berths establishment works of depth 14-17m of total length 2430 and handling capacity 12 to 15 million ton annually and 1.2 million containers.