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Transport minister specifies 15 October for the accomplishment of maritime Safaga port development works.

  Dr. Saad ElGuoshy, transport minister has specified 15 October as a date for the execution of development works at Safaga maritime port and asked Admiral Hesham Abu Sennah, head of Red Sea port authority to constitute 4 committees to take over the work from the company.

  During his tour in the port he stated that he refuses any deficiency in work or services specially to the passenger and that there must be solutions facing them.

  He stated that Safaga port is considered one of the most important ports in Egypt due to its distinguished natural characteristics. It is also located near to new development center at Lower Egypt and easily connected to Dabaa’ and Jeddah at KSA.  It is most important Egyptian port serving Lower Egypt, where the state has spent more than 4 milliard pounds to be linked with main cities at lower Egypt amongst the projects of developing lower Egypt region. So that the port will be on an area of 200-300km from Lower Egypt governorates.  The port enjoys a water area and a depth 20m and a location protected with no need to breakwaters and suitable for navigation for the whole year.  

  ElGuoshy declared that the process of developing the port aims at serving projects of Golden Triangle region so that Safaga port will become an assisting logistic center  for Jeddah port which requires a continual increase in trade traffic, with a cost of 425million pound  for the first, second and third stages where all  three stages are executed.

 Works of the third stage includes managing and operating maritime passengers’ terminal and its mall. In addition, a passenger terminal has been established of total area 12 thousand meter square of capacity 1.3 million  passengers with an increase of 156% for the pre development stage and is constituted of   travel hall of area 2200m2, capacity 2000passenger/voyage, arrival hall of area 2400m2, capacity 2000passenger/ voyage and 7service and administrative buildings specified for port’s passengers’ bodies

  Admiral/ Hesham Abu Sennah  said that a trip ticket yard has been established of  an area 18 thousand m2, capacity 30 thousand car annually with an increase 155%, It is an arrival and departure trip ticket cars’ yard and also for heavy transport (import/export) and fitted with  all services; security, Customs, traffic, sheds, toilets, cafeterias, banks. The yard is fitted with iron fences for entrance and exit.  

  He also added that a bridge for travellers has also been established of longitudinal length 500m linking the passengers’ terminal with the port’s berth and equipped with escalators and others for emergency and totally covered and also equipped with illumination and air conditioning units. This in addition to fitting the port with 5 solar energy terminals of productivity capacity of 4 mega and the establishment of a seawater desalination terminal of capacity 500m2/day.

  Buses shed has also been established on an area of 1780m2 and fitted with required services, Secondly, customs fences, outlets and gates: new Customs fences have been established with suitable lengths coping with Customs and security requirements of total length 2025 longitudinal meter. This with an increase in gates and Customs outlets to be 4 main gates, 3 emergency gates and railways trains gates.   This in order to separate passengers’ traffic from trucks or individuals  Each having a separate gate fitted with Customs and security services chambers.

  He also added that an area of 100 thousand meters square have been allocated from Red Sea governorate for the port’s development so that its area will become 825thousand meters  with an increase of 185% . So that this area will be allocated to trucks, yards (export- import) equipped with services buildings in addition to the logistic building.

 An expected increase in the trucks traffic capacity to reach 40 thousand truck annually with an increase of 335% and a total capacity increase for cargo handling reaching 8.5 million ton annually with an increase of 190% and a port’s increase area reaching 825 thousand meter with investments 425 million pounds.