Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Transport minister visits Alexandria port

  During his visit to Alexandria port transport minister;” the political authority claims the necessity of giving great importance to maritime transport and Egyptian ports in order to develop them without restrictions or bureaucracy”  

  Admiral Abd ElKader Darwish, head of board or directors of Alexandria port authority has presented the port’s general plan until the year 2030.  The presentation has included investment projects planned to be contracted for the coming period and are to be accomplished before the end of the year, amongst which bulk terminal at Dekheila port and multipurpose terminal at Alex port.  In addition, cooperation procedures with the Korean side to implement the port’s long-range plan where the Korean side is expected to come in November to sign the agreement. Darwish also presented the port’s plan to elevate the drowned vessels and what they have reached up till now or legal procedures to get rid of the vessels of legal disputes where this is to be done during a year as from the start of last June.

 Also there will be a cooperation with Customs to get rid of hazardous cargo, where Darwish has presented what have been accomplished with the Customs authority  getting rid of negligent cargo whether hazardous or not.  Providing with storage places for the cargo and facilitating its transport to warehouses at Nubaria in order to get rid of it legally.  Darwish has also presented a report about contiguous companies to the port where there is a decree issued from the Cabinet to join them to the port, presenting obstacles set by such companies and way of adding such assets  to benefit from in container handling traffic.

 The minister has also visited Alex port where he visited the maritime terminal to follow up latest operation developments  done by ElNasr company for maintenance and services” Queen service”. He made a tour in the port’s water area to pursue drowned vessels location and he personally followed up elevating the shipwreck and the new projects (berth 85 where wood handling berth is planned to be established on, stevedoring on anchorage region, multipurpose terminal on berth55 ). He again asked about maritime tugs and their licensing procedures and availability of safety and security equipment.  He also visited silos companies at the port and the fifth region. Then he visited electronic department and saw a presentation of most recent working system and the port’s plan to integrate with the port’s community and entities.  

  At the end of the visit, the minister held a press conference at the maritime passengers’ port, the minister has also followed up establishment works at bridge 54that facilitates cargo transport from Alex port until the coastal and international road.  The minister recommended the responsible company to accomplish work within two years in order to facilitate cargo departure traffic from Alex port without obstacles or congestion.