Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Salloum Start 2 March - Duration 2 days ، Rainy
  • Red Sea Next Scorpions (Saad El-Balaa) Start 23 February - Duration 13 day ، Cold

10thousand general cargo tons depart Adabeyia port and the arrival of 2660 hajj

 Red Sea port authority  media spokesman,  Abd ElReheem Mostafa stated that Adabeyia port at Suez is preparing today 4-9-2015  to receive the vessel “Kim Road Journey” on board of which 1517 ton of chemicals coming from China. Also the vessel “Spero” departs with 10tons of general cargo directed to Sukhna port for stevedoring completion.  Also Nuweiba port is receiving today Eila ferry on board of which 945 passenger amongst which 760hajj, 20hajj bus,2 bus jet, 3 cars, “Princess” ferry on board of 2which 344passengeramongst which 190hajj and 5 hajj buses, “Sinai” vessel with 4 reefers, 8 minibuses, also princess ferry has departed with 561passenger and 12cars.  

 In addition, Safaga port receives today “Amana” ferry on board of which 2000passenger and 8 cars.  Also ferry “Masarra” departs with 917 passengers, 49 cars and 13 truck, ElKahera ferry departs with  1135 passenger, 113carsand 6 trucks. Finally, Horria vessel departs with 74truck and 6 passengers and the vessel Express on board of which 81 truck and 16 passenger.