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World Maritime Day celebration for the year 2015

World Maritime Day celebration for the year 2015

 World Maritime Day celebration for the year 2015 has been held on Tuesday 29-9-2015 at Alexandria Port Authority headquarters.  Under the motto” Maritime training and Education”. The celebration has been organized by maritime transport sector headed by admiral Adel Yassin Hammad in cooperation with Alexandria port General authority. The celebration was honored by the attendance of transport minister and a number of Egyptian maritime transport expertise and officials.

 Transport minister gave his word concerning maritime training and education where he concentrated on the active role that maritime transport industry plays; being one of permanent developmental cornerstones capable of developing the country’s future. Hence, the political authority directed attention on Egyptian ports replanning in accordance with the modern era and coping with modern generations of vessels and equipment.  All this comes within the country’s ambitious plan developing maritime transport after the inauguration of the new Suez Canal, such a giant project capable of changing the international navigational plan and putting Egypt in a new status in this field.

  Again, the minister highlighted that most important is the building of individuals capabilities through education and training and preparing cadres with updated scientific and technical renewables and providing services compatible with local and world market.  Pointing out that today nations’ development is measured by not its wealth but with its brains and manpower.

 At the end  the celebration honored those distinguished in the field of maritime transport; where the minister accompanied with head of transport sector have given awards to Alex port authority being best commercial port achieving best revenues. Also awards have been granted to Port Said port authority as best commercial port achieving highest growth rate in container handling, Damietta port authority best commercial port applying best electronic administration concept,  Red sea port authority best commercial port implementing investment plan, Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety best achieving highest surplus for state’s treasury.  This in addition to honoring specialized maritime ports; where Petrojet Elmaadyia port was awarded best petroleum port, Abu Tartour best mining port, Port Ghalib best touristic port. In addition, Wadi ElKaram vessel affiliated to National Navigation Company  awarded best vessel of the year, because of its high technical level also not retained since its establishment.  Finally, admiral Adel Yassin has been honored for his efforts in Egyptian maritime transport field.