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Guoshy: no delay in amending any law that hinders investment in MT

  Transport minister Dr. Saad El Guoshy assured on the importance of maritime transport. Pointing out that Egypt enjoys an important location between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea and possesses a number of distinguished ports incomparable to any other all over the world.  Adding that he willingly welcomes any new solutions for new investments in such promising sector

 He also added, during his meeting with maritime navigation chamber members, that he is ready to pursue any investment opportunity and that the country has to provide with the suitable investment atmosphere and overcome any obstacles that confront investors. He also added that he would not take any decision concerning maritime transport industry without planning and with the participation of its employees. Guoshy again declared that transport ministry‘s concern is to develop the infrastructure  serving maritime ports such as roads, railways, metro, and that he personally will not hesitate to take any decision which participates in developing transport industry especially maritime transport. 

 He added that there will not be any delay to amend any of the laws that hinders investment expressing his belief in the private sector, wishing for its investments specifically in transport industry to reach 90% and the country’s role to be restricted to control, organization and supervision.  

  Guoshy has also listened to problems confronting the chamber’s members as complicated procedures in registering vessels in Egypt. He pointed out that it is unimaginable to let the Egyptian investor forced to register abroad flying the flag of a foreign country on his Egyptian vessel. He also pointed out at developing East and West of Port Said and decisions or decrees concerning vessels’ tugging dues at ports

  The transport minister has promised at the end of the meeting to review decisions or decrees that hinders work in the field of maritime transport