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Dahi invites German companies for investment in transport sector

  Arab German chamber for industry and trade has organized a conference Sunday about transport ministry strategy in upgrading railways, metros and ports this within the framework of President Abd ElFattah ElSisi visit to Germany.  

  Eng. Hani Dahi, transport minister said that Egypt is approaching a bunch of national strategic projects first of which is Suez Canal corridor project and the new canal inauguration in the 6th of coming August.   

 In his word during the conference, Dahi has invited German companies to invest in the projects of Railways, metros and ports and infra-structure in general.  

 He also declared that Egypt is undergoing a number of strategic projects  in transport field pointing out that  transport sector in Egypt is a source of investment attraction  in all fields declaring that Egypt is now establishing new transport means models; pointing to available investment opportunities  in the fields of railways, tunnel metro, roads and ports weather dry or seaports.

 On his part Dr. Rayner Herit, chamber’s executive manager, said that president Sisi’s visit to Germany is a good opportunity to increase cooperation between the two countries in different fields, besides reinforcing trade and industrial development between the two countries.