Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next Sohail (El-Sarfah) Start 3 October - Duration 13 day ، Summer
  • Red Sea Next Sohail (El-Zabrah) Start 20 September - Duration 13 day ، Summer
  • Mediterranean Sea Next El-Salib Winds Start 30 September - Duration 3 days ، Mostly rainy

Arrival of 8500ton of liquefied butane gas to Zaytiat port at Suez

ONA agency

Abd ElReheem Mustafa, director of media department in Red Sea port authority said:” Zaytiat port has received today 8500 ton of liquefied butane gas coming from Yanbo’ Saudi port on board of the vessel “MAR MAR JAZZ ‘.

He also added “Adabyia port has received the vessel “SEEN” carrying 19 thousand ton of food oil from East Asia and arrival of 110turkish trucks on the vessel”ROSGARO”.

On the other hand the vessel ”ORANTAL” has arrived with 2500ton of cargo whereas the vessel “PORSED” has arrived carrying 7500ton of cargo coming from East Asia.  

IMO Secretary-General

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