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ElDemeery constitutes committees marketing 100 projects with investments 100milliard.

ElMasry ElYoum

Dr. Ibrahim ElDemeery, transport minister has appointed a supreme investment committee in the ministry to constitute working groups marketing 100 transport projects settled upon nationally and internationally where the volume of investment reaches 100 milliard pounds to be activated after making feasibility studies for each project.

The minister has declared in statements on Tuesday 7-1-2014 that the committees target is revising market and feasibility studies for the projects,  recommending different investment and financing alternatives for every project, setting plans for issuing the project according to market conditions and other plans for promoting investment projects and follow-up of working procedures concerning investment and financing with transparency.


The minister mentioned that he has met with the committee and discussed how to quicken such transport projects for example metro fifth line, swift train from Alexandria to Aswan, developing Abu Keir rail way line and providing it with electricity. This in addition to setting forth for investment the transportation of cargo through river and by rail ways , also lines connecting new cities with rapid rail ways between the cities of 10th  of Ramadan and 6th of October.


At the end of the meeting the minister assured the necessity of previewing what the committee has reached to of the previous projects investment studies during the next meeting, and he requested constituting working groups to activate such studies and also the necessity of activating joint projects between entities and companies and investment Unit affiliated to the ministry promoting such projects.  

IMO Secretary-General

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