Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next Al-Azraaa (Al-Moakhr) Start 16 April - Duration 13 day ، Spring
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Khamsin to easter Start 23 April - Duration 2 days ، Hot
General Strategic target for Maritime Transport Sector
General Strategic target for Maritime Transport Sector

General Strategic target for MTS

The effective contribution in the development of  national economy through foreign trade facilitation has created new job opportunities which lead to solve unemployment and sur-population problems   by activation of current entities, also raising performance rates to it in all highest level maritime transport elements, particularly the main ports and commercial fleet, in order to attain the international competition level, as well as exploiting hinterland in main ports by establishing value added investment projects performed by private sector .

Maritime Transport Sector strategic target

The Egyptian fleet should carry 10% of Egyptian foreign trade (currently 5%) in addition to supporting maritime services sector (towage – pilotage – maritime services related to petroleum and gas platform and drillers  etc... ), developing ship, fishing vessels and yachts building, as well as engaging private sector in all maritime transport activities: stevedoring companies, shipping agencies, shipping lines, buying and renting vessels, maritime services.
Ports strategic target
Transferring main and specialized ports to become a development locomotive for Egyptian economy as well as neigh boring governorates and cities (Edco port investments reaches 9 billion E.P, 10 billion m3 gas: 306 m3 are exported per year), focusing on engaging private sector in exploiting hinterland.
Focusing on transit trade to take advantage from Egyptian location and the current increase of international trade development rates passing through Egypt, as well as conditions of neighboring ports. Also taking into consideration transferring ports to the 5th generation to become logistic centers and one of the multimodal transport links able to face international wild competition, and to attract private and foreign investments in the field of superstructure management according to landlord concept and also in the field of value added industries investments inside the port as well as in hinterland area – using international ports performance indicators (PPI) – and using electronic management as the first link of Egyptian society to deal with electronic trade.

General Strategic target for Maritime Transport Sector

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