Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next El-Shabat (Alnaaúm) Start 15 January - Duration 13 day ، Cold
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Karm Start 28 January - Duration 7 days ، Heavy rain

Signing MOU between Alex and Greek Berious ports

Elyoum 7

  Admiral Adel Yassin Hammad, head of board of directors of Alexandria port has signed a memorandum of understanding at the Greek foreign ministry’s headquarters at Athens yesterday 12th of June 2013. The Egyptian foreign minister and his Greek counterpart has witnessed this signature, this comes within the framework of the desire of both parts to continue reinforcing bilateral relationships between Egypt and Greece. The convention includes agreement of both parts to cooperate with one another with regards to information exchange and mutual beneficial communication whereas the main objective of the convention is achieving required goals of such joint cooperation which will have its benefit on both parties.