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The assessment of the financial self- sufficiency of Egyptian ports within the framework of Landlord management system (March 2004)

The entity that carried out the study

The Maritime Research and Consultations Center affiliated to the Maritime Transport Sector – Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

The Objective of the study

The assessment of the possibility to maximize the capability of the port to achieve its financial self- sufficiency and preparing the port for management according to an economic method as a model to be applied to Alexandria port then to the rest of Egyptian ports.


In order to use the Landlord management system, several elements should be taken into account

  • The activities expected to be assigned to Private Sector and the estimated revenues.
  • The re-structuring of the Authority's organizational chart.
  • Consideration of the status of the equipment to be sold or chartered to Private Sector.


  • A number of investment projects may support the port competitiveness and increase the revenue of the value-added of the port in the future namely the establishment of a multi purpose terminal and an upper bridge connecting El Dekheila port to Desert road.
  • Identification of the activities expected to be assigned to Private Sector.
  • Starting the development of technical studies with regard to the technical status of assets and equipment owned by the Authority.
  • The development of costs system in Egyptian ports.