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Proposed obligations from Egypt towards the General Convention for Trade in Services in the field of land and maritime transport and their impact on the policies of the Ministry of Transport: (June 2006):

The entity that carried out the study:

Researches and Consultations Center affiliated to the Maritime Transport Sector-Arab Academy for Science ,Technology and Maritime Transport

The objective of the Study:

The development of a complete view in front of decision makers concerning positive and negative impacts that may result from the liberalization of transport services trade for foreign importer


The development of the transport sector must be related to the following:

  • First: strategic and executive strategies to coordinate the general policy of the transport sector with services liberalization strategies.
  • Second: updating several legislation to cope with international and local changes.
  • Third: developing the infra structure and transport services system.
  • Fourth: maritime transport services:
    • Taking time before providing any obligations for liberating maritime transport services until most of other countries do.
    • Studying the possibility of entering the maritime transport markets especially: maritime labor and maritime transport supporting services.
    • Following a protective strategy for the national fleet, with the necessity of renewing it.
    • Limiting port services such as pilotage, maritime agency and bunkering on national private sector.