Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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The Impact of multimodal transport on structures and activities in maritime transport industry (August 1996)

The entity that carried out the study

Researches and Consultations Center affiliated to the Maritime Transport Sector-Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

The objective of the Study

Emphasizing the main impacts of multimodal transport on maritime transport structures and activities.


  • There is railway network linking Egyptian ports with main centers in the republic, there is also a railway linking two Port Said ports on the Mediterranean with Suez on the red sea, yet it needs development.
  • There is no law in Egypt regulating the relationship between shipper and client and specifying the responsibility of each of them towards the other.


  • Provide ports with new technologies.
  • Expand land areas to accommodate new activities related to storage, compiling and others.
  • Create the legislative environment for the application of the system.
  • Establish modern dry ports to be linked with a road and railways network specially equipped for containers' transport.
  • Develop the railways between Port Said ports and Suez.
  • Establish a modern shipping company specialized not only in maritime transport but also in services related to multimodal transport.