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The growth of the Egyptian foreign trade through containerized transport and its impact on the increase of demand on container vessels (January 2000):

The entity that carried out the study:

Maritime Research and Consultations Center affiliated to Maritime Transport Sector – Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

The objective of the study:

Highlighting the increasing importance of containerization and the necessity of replacing the old fleet units.


  • The geographical areas (North America/ Adriatic/ Mediterranean/ Far East) are very important to the Egyptian foreign trade traffic.
  • The commercial balance between Egypt and the Arab countries witnessed a significant deterioration. Moreover, the shortage in the commercial balance between Egypt and the Eastern Europe countries increased.
  • The Mediterranean is considered an area congested with container vessels where 25% of the world container vessels operate.


  • The operation of new container vessels in the Egyptian fleet replacing the old units.
  • Focusing on the participation of maritime shipyards in manufacturing container vessels.
  • The implementation of new techniques in owning new units such as the financing and operating chartering.