Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next Almorbaaniya (El-Eklil) Start 7 December - Duration 13 day ، The beginning of the cold
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Faydah Al Saghera Start 19 December - Duration 5 days ، Accompanied with rains
 Maritime Transport Bilateral Agreements
Maritime Transport Bilateral Agreements

Ports Cooperation Protocols


No. Egyption Ports Foreign Ports Country Signature Date
1 Alexandria Sfax Tunisia 14/3/2002
2 Alexandria Casablanca Morocco 23/5/2000
3 Alexandria Latakkia Syria 23/12/2005
4 General Authority Of Red Sea Ports yemeni institution of gulf aden ports Yemen 6/12/2007
5 General Authority Of Red Sea Ports sudanese Seaports Authority Sudan 19/4/2007
6 Damietta General Company Of Tartos Port Syria 12/6/2007