Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea El-Wasm (El-Ghafr) Start 11 November - Duration 13 day ، Autumn
  • Mediterranean Sea El-Moknesa Start 16 November - Duration 4 days ، Very Rainy
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Rest of El-Moknesa Start 22 November - Duration 4 days ، Rainy

Parliament industrial committee visits SCEZ and Sukhna port and follow up current ongoing works there

Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal Economic Zone authority has visited together with Parliament industrial committee SCEZ and its Southern section and a number of implemented factories there.   

 The tour has included a visit to glass manufacturing factory, TIDA ceramics factory and ends its visit by a tour to Sukhna port to see currently implemented works there within the framework of port’s developments.  

  Worth noting that committee  has also visited northern  section  of East Port Said Zone  followed by a  maritime tour to Suez Canal; this during past three days successively.  At the end of visit the committee has praised exerted efforts which they described by a historical achievement.