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Mameesh: inauguration of 4 tunnels underneath SC of cost 25 milliard pounds April

 Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of SCEZ said that the 4 new tunnels that were established underneath old Suez Canal of cost 25 milliard pounds, will be inaugurated during Sinai anniversary on 25th of April

 He declared that the project of Canal Zone development is considered a new bridge that Egypt steps with towards retrieving its economic leadership, through a comprehensive scientific plan that applies the concept of added value and logistic distribution through logistic industrial zones and six promising ports that integrates with SC.

Mameesh also pointed out that the Zone’s administration is on its way executing implementation of all zone’s needs of infra-structure; whether electricity stations, water desalination and all facilities to all Zone’s projects locations. In addition to developing of transport logistic network at  zones ports  Moreover activating and applying smart transport system  and increase of port’s capacity; to convert Egypt to an international center  for transport industry and logistics and a main chain in international added value in a way that participates in fulfilling needs of  state’s economic development plans.

 He also declared that there is variety in the Zone’s investments in cooperation with investment and international cooperation ministry and setting best investment incentives and providing with more facilities for investors.   


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