Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next El-Shabat (Alnaaúm) Start 15 January - Duration 13 day ، Cold
  • Red Sea Next El-Shabat (El-Baldah) Start 28 January - Duration 13 day ، Cold
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Karm Start 28 January - Duration 7 days ، Heavy rain

Signing an agreement for manufacturing heavy cranes at SC Russian Industrial Zone

 Vice admiral/ Mohab mameesh, head of SC authority and of Canal Economic Zone has witnessed signing of an agreement between Russian export center  and biggest and most important  factory in Russia for manufacturing  heavy cranes and elevating equipment of ports, for  the establishment of a similar project at Russian Industrial Zone once operated.  

 Mameesh has met with the Export company’s general manager where they discussed means of cooperation between the company and the Economic Zone; as introduction for the establishment of a similar project inside the Russian Zone for serving the Zone’s contiguous ports in importing heavy cranes and elevating equipment for vessels and containers’ logistic services

 During  the meeting Mr. Sergy Bokrofesky, as a reprehensive of the company ”SMM” has signed a contract with Russian Export center to pump investments at East port Said Russian Industrial Zone 

 After the meeting Mameesh took a tour with the accompanied delegation inside the factory of cranes manufacturing and also saw special devices that enters in the manufacturing of control rooms in giant vessels’ steering.

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