Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next El-Shabat (Alnaaúm) Start 15 January - Duration 13 day ، Cold
  • Red Sea Next El-Shabat (El-Baldah) Start 28 January - Duration 13 day ، Cold
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Karm Start 28 January - Duration 7 days ، Heavy rain

Mameesh meets head of Korea export bank to debate means of cooperation at Economic Zone.

  At start of his visit to Korea capital, vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of SC authority and of SC Economic Zone, has met with Mr. Soong Souh Ayoun, head of Korea Export and Import bank to debate means of cooperation between the bank and the Economic Zone and mechanism of Korean supporting and financing investments in the future at the Zone. This was during Mameesh visit to Korea with investment and International cooperation minister.

 Mameesh mentioned that they debated over all means of cooperation with the bank in supporting average and small industries that deals with cars inside the Zone and also reviewed cooperation in the field of ship building industries; being an industry beneficial to national economy and a main step in developing countries manufacturing and also constitutes an important part in the dynamic manufacturing process and a new source to exploit local resources.  

 During the meeting Mameesh praised the bank’s efforts in propagating for investment opportunities in Egypt; assuring on the importance of exploiting investment opportunities in the Zone and its attracting factors to local and foreign investments in a short period of time, and the volume of incentives, exemptions and facility of procedures that make out of investment process in the Zone a real profit for capitals and businessmen.

IMO Secretary-General

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