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MT foreign investor attracting trailer

 Admiral/ Ibrahim Eldesouky, previous head of maritime Industrial authority said that yards industry and ship building in Egypt confronts great challenges concerning services and licensing and infra-structure so that it achieves its strong revenue; assuring that maritime transport is  foreign investor attracting trailer.

 Eldesouky has added that yards’ sector needs strong decision maker and has given an example by president Sisi persistence on developing maritime Alex yard development before 2 years  and said that we must take it as an example  for the development of the rest of yards.  

   Eldesouky has also invited all state’s authorities to adopt Egypt Maritime state initiative to glorify revenue of Egypt commercial maritime fleet as adopted by Hesham Arafat, transport minister  

 He also added that Egypt needs an Egyptian classification authority to accredit total reform, noting that there is 120authority all over the world latest of which in Dubai and here in Egypt we must establish one  


 And he assured that maritime transport sector is foreign investor attracting trailer that set yards and vessels before its eyes once any investment decision is taken inside the country.

IMO Secretary-General

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