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Detailed plan of Russian Industrial Zone with investments 6.9 milliard dollars

 Russian Industrial Zone detailed plan, that is to be established at East Port Said Industrial Zone affiliated to SCEA and of total investments 6.9millard dollars, has revealed that work implementation at the Zone with be through 3 phases; each of a period of 5 years; so that the first year of each phase will be dedicated for designing and engineering works implementation, successive two years for establishment works and finally last two years , of the 5 years, will be for hiring and investment.  

  And according to official data issued by the Economic authority, lately announced, the Russian industrial zone will be implemented on a total area reaching 5.25 km2 at East Port Said Zone located at Northern zone of SC corridor, and is expected that the Zone along its three phases is to provide with 35 thousand job opportunity, 7 thousand, 400opportunity of which in the first phase, 10thousand and 420thousand job opportunity in phase 2 whereas phase 3 will provide with 17.180 thousand job opportunity.  

 Also the plan has shown that the land area that is to be developed in the first phase reaches 1km2amongst which 495 thousand km2 industrial building, 10 thousand m2 social, entertaining and residential buildings whereas in phase 2 1.60km2 will be developed amongst which 695 thousand m2 industrial buildings , 163 thousand m2 social and residential

 The industrial buildings in phase 3 will be established on million, 150thousand m2 of total area 2.65 million m2which is the total area to be developed during the phase, whereas entertaining, social and residential buildings area in phase3 of implementation is 270thousand m2.   

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